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Dave Librande can make just about anything out of wood. He loves to carve and paint incredible creations. From very simple, but clever measuring sticks to insanely detailed pizza trucks, Dave can custom make a hand-carved, hand-painted, wooden creation for you!

Email or text and Beth will get back to you with more information and answer any of your questions.

Dave and Beth Librande

Dave and Beth, a fun-loving couple, with three children, and four grandchildren, make a great team. Dave is an imaginative artist and woodworker, who thinks totally outside the box. Beth is his supportive wife and business partner. Together, they hope to make for you a custom wooden heirloom that you and your family will cherish for generations to come.

One of a Kind Rockers

Prices range from $1200 to $3000


Are you ready for some football? This bear is going for a win. Get ready to cheer on your favorite team as you and Button rock your way to the Championship.


Come fly with this beautiful Scarlet Macaw in the tropical rain forest. Enjoy the treetop view with your friends,  sloth, snake, frog, and chameleon.


This incredible animal is the fastest cat on earth. If you hop on his back he'll take you on a ride of a lifetime.


Zooey has personality in spades. She loves bright colors and wild patterns. If you hop on her back she’ll race you through the Savannah or maybe through a local shopping mall. There is no telling what adventure awaits with this zany zebra!


Meet the prettiest pig you'll ever see. She is not one to roll around in the mud, but if the little ones hop on her back, she'll rock them around the flower garden.


Inspired by a beautiful family pet, this energetic canine is able to leap you over the mountains. Hang on tight!


Catch a wave and swim along with this quirky penguin. He is sporting a royal saddle that will keep you cozy as you dive into the icy arctic waters.

T-Mac Rex

Travel back in time and climb aboard this no-so terrifying T-Rex.  Some dinosaurs might seem ferocious, but this one is tame and ready to ride.


Classic Cruising with vintage style. 
Named after our Nephew Zac, who sported a blue mohawk as a youngster, this burly hog was born to rock. 
Get ready for the coolest ride in town!


This magnificent panda will not only whisk you away to the other side of the world, he is sure to bring a smile to your face and spark your imagination with his fun-seeking koi and adventure-filled dragon.


This beautiful Golden Retriever is everyone's best friend. Sporting the colors of two colleges and a golf theme, Riley is a dependable pal and a family heirloom.

Harrison's Owl

Inspired by a beloved book, this owl will take you to magical enchanted places beyond your wildest imagination.


The Elephant and the Ice Cream Truck

Tiger Side

The Elephant and the Ice Cream Truck

Peacock Side


The Inspiration

The Elephant and the Ice Cream Truck was inspired by Dave's favorite place to eat at Disney's Animal Kingdom.


This whimsical wooden pizza truck is loaded with detail.

Contact Dave and Beth

Thank you for your interest.
Custom Hobby Rockers start at $1200.
Custom Food Trucks are priced between $200 - $2000.
Custom Measuring sticks start at $125.
Send us a message and we can work out prices to make you an original one-of-a-kind "whatever".


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